Commvault announces expansion, Lithium acquires SmartCommute & more

SaaS news this week (May 24 - May 30, 2021): Commvault introduces Metallic Backup and Hyperscale, Lithium acquires SmartCommute. Read more.
Commvault announces expansion, Lithium acquires SmartCommute & more

Commvault announces expansion of its Metallic SaaS portfolio

Commvault introduced Metallic Backup for Microsoft Dynamics 365, giving customers support for all three Microsoft clouds, to expand its Metallic SaaS portfolio along with Hyperscale X for Metallic, a fully integrated, scale-out on-premises storage target for Metallic Backup. 

“Customers need the simplicity and flexibility that SaaS enables, and no vendor in the market is positioned like Commvault to help them embrace the possibilities of this future,” said Sanjay Mirchandani, President and CEO at Commvault.

FlexiLoans tapped tech & SaaS and dispenses over Rs 1,000 Cr in SME loans 

Founded by four ISB Hyderabad friends in 2015, the SME fintech startup was started to provide fast and affordable credit to India-based SMBs with a branchless, agentless, paperless business model.

"India was witnessing a digital transformation and this was the perfect moment for traditional banking to be disrupted", says one of them, Abhishek Kothari.

After witnessing demonetisation, the launch of GST, the launch of UPI, the ILFS crisis in the first four years of founding and now COVID-19, the startup has now dispensed over Rs 1,000 Cr through the platform across over 40,000 loans.

Effect on the Multi-Billion Dollar Delivery Management Market due to SaaS

SaaS is turning into an inordinate reality for most logistics companies for numerous reasons including operational agility, improved customer experience, versatility, better functionality and accessibility in this highly competitive market scenario.

While some of the reports suggested that SaaS has also been developing roots in the cloud computing industry, the industry experts think otherwise. They believe it’s about the company’s preferences and future requirements.

The cost-effectiveness offered by SaaS makes it a viable option for logistics and transport industries and is destined to grow further with the evolution of Blockchain and AI.

FB co-founder Saverin’s B Capital doubles down on China as it looks to invest in Chinese tech companies

Founded by Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin and Bain Capital veteran Raj Ganguly, B Capital plans on allocating $500M to $1B of its fund to Chinese tech companies in the next few years, thus doubling down on China.

“The idea that Chinese companies are reluctant to shell out for software is “very backward-looking thinking,” says Ganguly.

With surging labour costs fueling B2Bs in China, B Capital is seeking software to make labour and business operations more productive. It began extending capital in China at the beginning of this year and has already closed 3 deals.

Mobility Solutions Provider Lithium Urban Technologies acquires SmartCommute

Lithium Urban Technologies announced on May 26 that it acquired the end-to-end employee transport software provider SmartCommute. Lithium will be using the merger to expand into the rich transportation segments including freight and rapid bus transit. It will also cater to both electric and non-electric vehicles for its client portfolio.

“SmartCommute comes with a demonstrated expertise in high-end tech-enabled solutions for smart rostering and AI-enabled routing that can considerably optimize operations and costs for clients. With this acquisition, we aim to expand our presence in the larger transportation and mobility ecosystem and provide full-stack services, going beyond sustainable corporate mobility solutions," said Sanjay Krishnan, founder, Lithium.

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