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SEO + Email Automation = MRR Growth

A brief guide for implementing SEO and email automation into your SaaS marketing strategy. Read on to discover how to generate more organic traffic, leads, and sales with SEO.

Miles Smith
SaaS SEO + Email Nurture Campaigns = Consistent MRR Growth

Has your SaaS company’s MRR hit a brick wall? Do you solely rely on paid ads to generate new traffic, sales, and leads? If so, you’re missing out on a huge piece of the pie by not leveraging the power of search engine optimization (SEO).

SaaS SEO + Email Automation/Nurture Campaigns = Consistent MRR Growth

By optimizing your web content for specific keywords, acquiring backlinks (or fixing broken ones), and tweaking essential technical factors, you will start generating more organic traffic for your website.

When combined with a content marketing strategy and email nurturing campaigns, you can significantly increase your MRR and ARR as a result of your efforts.

The kicker?

You will likely need an SEO strategist to guide your effort. But, once you get the ball rolling, your efforts will continue to generate more traffic and leads for you well into the future. As such, you should invest in an SEO strategy for your SaaS company if you want to scale your operations and grow your business.

That’s why I put together this brief guide for implementing SEO and email automation into your SaaS marketing strategy. Read on to discover how to generate more organic traffic, leads, and sales with SEO.

Why Is SEO Vital to SaaS Businesses?

A screenshot of Google Search Console displaying SEO metrics.
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Whether your software helps Amazon affiliates or someone else, you may be wondering why it’s worth investing in SEO for your SaaS business.

I can tell you why in one simple sentence.

SEO is one of only a few ways to consistently generate targeted organic traffic month after month, year after year.

While various paid ads (Google, Facebook, etc.) are great for getting started, you’ll want to eventually wean yourself from relying solely on them to generate traffic for you.

Why is that?

Because of how expensive they’ve become. With the PPC model, you pay a fee every time someone clicks on your ad. The downside is that not every click will lead to a sale.

Also, ads stop working when you stop paying.

While SEO is slower and usually more expensive to get started, it has a wonderful compounding effect. A proper SEO strategy can help you rank on page one of the SERPs. This generates tons of clicks that you don’t have to spend money on, lowering your CAC significantly over time.

Once SaaS SEO starts providing an ROI, it will keep working for you going forward as long as you maintain your rankings. As such, it’s a far more reliable and cost-effective way to market your SaaS business.

Use SEO to Rise Above the Competition

The competition in the SaaS world is steep. In fact, the industry is forecasted to grow at a double-digit CAGR from now until 2026.

As a result, it can be difficult to make a name for yourself. That’s a process made even more difficult if you aren’t using SEO.

Regularly releasing informative blogs, videos, and other forms of content that solve customer problems + have solid SEO keyword research backing them will establish you as a thought leader in your niche. This will help you stand out from the competition so you can carve out a corner for yourself in the market.

How Do Email Opt-ins + Automation Series Amp SEO Up?

A mail app icon displaying two new messages.
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SEO and content marketing are a match made in heaven. They work together like this:

  • Create content articles tailored to your target audience that solve customer problems.
  • Use SEO best practices (keyword research, link-building, optimizing for snippets) to get your content ranking on page one of search engines

When you throw email opt-ins (eBooks, whitepapers, etc.) on those pages generating organic traffic, your SEO strategy will become a lead-generating machine.

What are those?

An email opt-in is a form requesting the reader's email address - with the understanding that you’ll send them content, promotions, and offers.

To get them to give you their email (which is a valuable form of currency for your business), you need a lead magnet - which is a valuable piece of content worth giving up their email to receive.

I like to use eBooks that solve customer problems and go into detail on important topics as lead magnets.

Once you’ve got their email, you should set up an automated nurturing campaign. That’s where you ‘nurture’ your leads by sending them emails at regular intervals containing other articles, offers, and product pitches.

The idea behind a nurture campaign is to guide a prospect down the buyer’s journey by staying in touch with them and influencing their decisions through emails.

Doing so will help you convert your leads into customers, which will help you increase your sales.

TL;DR- SEO + Email Nurturing = Consistent Flywheel of MRR & ARR Growth

By now, you’ve got the ultimate formula for SaaS SEO. By creating relevant content for your audience that’s optimized for search engines, you’ll continue to attract new leads.

Tie in hyper-personalized and automated email nurturing campaigns into a solid SEO strategy and you will transform your leads into conversions, consistently boosting your MRR and ARR.

If you are still sitting on the fence, wondering if you should give SEO a shot and play the long-con? Remember- organic traffic accounts for 53% of all traffic online - so you really don’t want to miss out on all those potential customers.

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