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Business Intelligence Reporting For SaaS: Top Benefits, Tips, and Tools

Big data is the core of business intelligence reporting for SaaS which has gradually dominated the business industry. Read on for a download on the benefits of business intelligence for SaaS, along with top tools to explore.

Lori Gillen
Business Intelligence Reporting For SaaS: Top Benefits, Tips, and Tools

Big data is the core of business intelligence reporting for SaaS which has gradually dominated the business industry. It plays a fundamental role in matters dealing with data analysis, organizational information, and the generation of business-related reports. In the current business world, companies have no alternative rather than adopting the ambiguity of data.

Currently, using spreadsheets to present data is no longer working since nobody has the time and energy to read and analyze contradicting datasets. According to the Grand View Research conducted back in 2019, 46% of small businesses are currently using business intelligence tools to tailor strategies that work perfectly in their given industries.

Business intelligence reporting for SaaS offers a pretty good solution to organizations that are on the lookout to organize their presentations and enhance efficiency with the business operations. With the aid of advanced business intelligence reporting tools, business reporting has never been easy and accurate as it is today.

What is Business Intelligence Reporting for SaaS?

Business intelligence reporting for SaaS, also known as BI for SaaS, has become a common word within the business industry although very few understand what it means. BI reporting is the process of gathering and analyzing data with the aid of modern and advanced business intelligence tools. The tools are mainly powered by data visualization, making data extraction easier.

When processing data, you will automatically want to present it and utilize it to attain your objectives. This is where data visualization charts (bar chart, line chart, comparison bar chart, slope chart, etc) come into action to make the data analysis and presentation easier. Besides, you can craft a more strategic way of doing things by gathering and analyzing previously overlooked insights.

By adopting this reporting method, you can enjoy additional benefits that impact the general growth and development of your business brand. Let’s check them out!

Benefits of Business Intelligence and Reporting for SaaS

An organization can gain a bunch of benefits by utilizing this approach to business reporting. The ultimate goal of generating BI reports is to deliver data in a more comprehensive format that is easy to read.

1. Utilization of Real-Time and Historical Data

When using the traditional formats of business reporting, it's challenging to collect and use large amounts of data by incorporating the figures in your report. Creating a simple business report from a massive volume of data is a daunting task, especially if you are doing the work manually. BI reporting offers a seamless experience since it also incorporates historical data.

Also, it comes with an online reporting tool that has an expansive room to accommodate and process data and convert it into an easily readable format. It gives you room to sustain real-time data, which is vital in tailoring actionable reports that impact business success. Note that a report written in word format cannot offer the same value as data analytics.

The report comes with an open space where you can set an alarm that warns the team members when things go in the wrong direction. As a result, this will increase efficiency in your business operations, making it easier to attain your goals.

2. Increases the Speed of the Workflow

Sometimes, operations may come to a standstill, especially if the business managers collect information from different departments within the business. This kind of operation makes the operation move slowly since there are many things that need to be done before the information is compiled into a report that the business can use to detect the way forward.

With this kind of operation, decisions take a lot of time before they are made since every department needs to submit its report. Business intelligence reporting works by centralizing all the operations into a single point, making the decision-making process easier and faster. It offers a single point of access for all the non-technical users within the organization.

Remember that the data-driven word does not need to be overwhelming since the process can be automated and made easier for all the team members within the business. All you need to have is to ensure that you have the right tools in the process and everything runs smoothly.

3. Customer Analysis and Behavior Prediction

Every business brand across the industries always keeps its eye on customers to make their dreams come true. Customers offer revenue to businesses which detects whether the brands can survive in the industry or not. Customers tend to have a particular behavior that impacts their purchasing rate.

To be safe, you need to analyze your customer behavior and learn what works well for them. Every customer prefers a business brand that can fulfill their business needs and sort out their respective problems. Once you get a clear grip on how to tackle your customer’s needs, you are better positioned to secure as many customers as possible.

Business intelligence reporting has made this come true since you can easily conduct customer analysis and uncover more information regarding your customers in order to identify the best-selling points you can use. BI reports combines different resources necessary to identify the nature and behavior of your customers.

4. Informed Strategic Decision Making

Regardless of the size of the business you are managing, you need to be keen on the kind of decisions you make since they are likely to have a long-term impact on the success of your business. As a business manager, you need to formulate strategies that will work well for your brand.

Remember that business decisions are not meant to be made lightly as many people think. Business reporting can now be made easily since multiple touchpoints can be used to detect accurate options and decisions that impact your business's success. The BI reporting dashboard is equipped with effective tools that make business management a nap.

If you aim to cut short your business budget, BI tools offer a swift way of making changes to your budget and configuring it to suit your plan. Also, it offers guidance on the decisions you make since it provides all the necessary touchpoints that you need to consider during decision-making.

Business Intelligence Tools to Visualize and Analyze SaaS Data

1. Microsoft Power BI

Create a data-driven culture with business intelligence for all

Microsoft Power BI is one of the most popular data visualization tools used by many people across the business industry. The tool mostly runs on Azure and can be connected to multiple data sources depending on your business preference. It works well in simplifying data preparation and driving ad-hoc analysis.

2. SAS Visual Analytics

2. SAS Visual Analytics

SAS is a technology company popularly known for its exceptional works on matters to do with data science and generating statistical analysis products. The SAS visual analytics is a business intelligence tool that offers interactive reporting, self-service analytics, and visual discovery operations.

3. Tableau

Tableau is an advanced data analytics platform with solid visual data discovery capability

Tableau is an advanced data analytics platform with solid visual data discovery capability. You can run the tool using Windows or Linux as well as Tableau Online. The users of this platform are mainly explorers, creators, or viewers. Those who use the platform as creators have a license to the server or the tool's online version.

4. Birst

Birst considers itself an enterprise with a pretty fast data discovery capability. The architecture takes over the responsibility of connecting the business with a stable network of interwoven virtualized BI networks responsible for all the data processes within the company. Birst has everything you need to handle all your data processes and make data-driven decisions.

5. MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy combines both the power of self-service visual data discovery and analytics with enterprise analytics and data reporting. MicroStrategy works efficiently

MicroStrategy combines both the power of self-service visual data discovery and analytics with enterprise analytics and data reporting. It works efficiently when dealing with large-scale data records systems that you intend to analyze and generate actionable results that you can use in decision-making.


Analysis has revealed that organizations are adopting Business intelligence reporting at a rate of 26% every year. This clearly indicates that businesses have understood the power of using business intelligence tools in their operations. This rate is expected to continue rising within the next few years following the digital transformation of the business industry.        

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