India Hits a Century With the 100th Unicorn Added To the Coveted List & more

SaaS Weekly News Roundup for the week of 2nd May 2022
India Hits a Century With the 100th Unicorn Added To the Coveted List & more

Indian Startup Ecosystem Just Hit a Unicorn Century  

India just bagged its 100th unicorn with neobanking’s fintech portal ‘Open’ raising fresh capital to push its evaluation over a billion dollars. With only 6 months into 2022, the growing unicorn list has already accounted for 34.9% of last year’s share. 

B2B Grabs Lion’s Share In Latest Venture Capitalist Trends

While B2C startups have retained supremacy when it comes to attracting Venture Capitalists for a long time, B2B space is progressively grabbing more investor attention. 13 out of 15 startups added to the unicorn list this year are B2B, and technology seems to be a huge motivator for the VC funding climate.

Shopify Acquires Shipping Logistics Startup Deliverr for $2.1B

Shopify today announced that it will acquire Deliverr, a San Francisco, California-based e-commerce fulfillment startup, for $2.1 billion in cash and stock. The deal, rumors of which were reported in April by Bloomberg, is the largest acquisition in Shopify’s history.

rali_cap gets backing from global VCs and launches $30M fintech fund for emerging markets

Rali_cap, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on emerging markets fintech, has launched a $30 million fund. Hayden Simmons, a partner at the firm said:“This way, we thought we could outperform traditional venture models in driving value to founders and getting more people involved in the venture capital game”.

From Saastitute, with love:

1. A major challenge early-stage B2B start-ups face when 'getting to market' is creating a go-to-market strategy that doesn’t require tons of resources and teams on the ground (or laptops). Here’s a download on How to Build a Marketing Foundation for B2B SaaS Startups, even if you don’t have a boast-y marketing team yet. 

2. Creating a strong brand identity is one of the first roadblocks SaaS businesses face early in their journey. Here’s a Brand identity Roadmap for SaaS Teams to help you ace the process. 

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