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Best Applicant Tracking Systems for 2022

Here are the top performing softwares that automate job application management for business. Take a look

Prithvi Manjunatha
Top 10 Applicant Tracking Software for Hiring

An Applicant Tracking System is a software that tracks recruitments and tasks to be monitored electronically. Depending on the needs of the organization, ATS can be implemented online or available at the organizational level or in small businesses. 

An ATS can help ease the workload of the employer, as it automates processes from hiring, on-boarding to off-boarding as well. Here are a few of our favourite picks for the best Applicant Tracking Systems on the market:

CEIPAL(pricing starts at $24/month)

CEIPAL ATS is a scalable and fully integrated Applicant Tracking System that helps employers automate their workflows and enables them to close more placements faster. With more than 1,600 employees, CEIPAL is a leader when it comes to being successful through a combination of next-generation technology and an exceptional price-performance ratio.

Some features of CEIPAL are Job Requisition, Job Posting, Applicant Sourcing Screening & Selection, eBoarding, Social Media Integration Analytics, CRM, Mobile Device Functionality, Job-board & VMS Integrations, Email Integrations & Plugins.

Oracle Taleo(pricing starts at $29/month)

Oracle Taleo is cloud-based software that offers solutions for attracting, developing and retaining talent. By automating end-to-end hiring processes, they can be tailored to the needs of any company. Taleo allows for easy recruitment marketing, increased employee referrals. Taleo is also integrated with Microsoft Outlook, MyYahoo, and iGoogle.

oorwin(price available upon request)

Oorwin is an integrated AI-enabled SaaS platform that offers a wide range of hiring, sales and HR products to help increase productivity and grow employers and consulting firms. Based on nearly a decade of research and experience, Orvin is poised to change the traditional ways of hiring, selling, and the customer experience through ease of use and simplicity. It provides services to hundreds of satisfied customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, and India.

TalentOrb(price available upon request)

TalentOrb is the next generation of ATS, developed with the latest technology to provide the best resource experience, and is a comprehensive platform that manages the complex hiring lifecycle from program creation to candidate selection to job posting. It automates the manual process, tracks the performance and allows to optimize the entire recruitment process starting from requisition till the on-boarding of the candidate.

Jobvite(price available upon request)

Jobvite is a cloud-based and candidate-centered ATS that enables social hiring, the creation and management of mobile-optimized job portals and related jobs. They also have a mobile app for this tool. This program offers special functions for interviewing, requesting and recommending employees. This solution is suitable for medium and large companies.

iCIMS(price available upon request)

With ten years of experience, iCIMS offers solutions for companies of all sizes, which are oriented towards different industries. With more than 4,000 customers, including around 20% of the Fortune 100, the platform includes the integrated personnel marketing suite UNIFi-iCIMS, the advanced communications suite, the hiring suite and the ecosystem.


Freshteam helps attract top talent across multiple channels - a fast paced professional website that is integrated with many free and high profile job boards and social media channels. The software can also listen to emails so that e-mails from job boards or suppliers can be more easily recognized and added to your candidate's database. Once the candidates join, the recruiting team can work with the recruited managers, review and interview them, share their opinions and attract their suggestions and present the best candidates.

Manatal (Pricing starts at $15/month)

Manatal is an AI-powered recruitment software with thousands of clients in 135 countries. It offers an all-in-one applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruitment CRM, that is designed for agencies and corporate HR departments of all sizes to streamline and maximize the efficiency of the entire recruitment process with just a few mouse clicks. It includes an easy-to-navigate interface, which makes it accessible to new users to leverage the powerful features in a short amount of time.

The software has features to help with every step of the recruitment process, from advertising job openings on thousands of free and premium channels to creating a personalized career page, sourcing candidates, collaboration tools, AI features that match your jobs with the most suitable candidates in your database and much more. Boost your team's productivity immediately by taking advantage of their 14-day free trial.

Greenhouse(price available upon request)

Greenhouse offers a complete solution to help companies in the following cases. Thousands of leading companies including Cisco Meraki, Booking.com and Pinterest use the Greenhouses Smart Guide to design and automate all aspects of hiring as the fastest hiring platform in the industry. Greenhouse recruiting products have great interaction with candidates everywhere, eliminating the office burden and getting everyone on the recruiting team. The Greenhouse is also an industry leader in Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DE&I) tools that help break down prejudice and create a fair hiring process.

BambooHR(price starts at $4.29/employee)

BambooHR provides online HR Software for small and medium businesses that have outgrown spreadsheets. BambooHR’s cloud-based system is an intuitive, affordable way for growing companies to track and manage essential employee information in a personalized Human Resources Information System. Now HR managers have more time for meaningful work, executives get accurate, timely reports and employees can self-service their time off, using a convenient mobile app. BambooHR’s clients include innovators like Fitbit, Fab, FreshBooks, Klout, and Squarespace, among thousands of others in 70 countries worldwide.

Akrivia HCM(price available upon request)

Akrivia HCM manages the entire employee lifecycle on a single platform. Some of Akrivia’s functions are recruitment and salary, onboarding and offboarding, time, attendance and performance appraisal of the staff and so on. This shortens the training period for employees and is a user-friendly employee evaluation system.

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