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The Doxel Story

Doxel helps micro-manage construction projects, predicts the date of completion, maximizes the usage of tools and machines present and much more. Find out how it does all this?

Kajal Jain

What is Doxel?

Construction projects are made up of multiple high-level meetings, the contribution of different teams and a million smaller processes. Doxel is made to simplify these jobs. It is an AI-Powered project controls solution. It helps in analyzing and planning the construction projects from the point of their beginning to the end. It helps in making schedules, BMI, budget, and everyday updates. It helps in checking the process and predicts the date of completion. It also contributes to maximizing the usage of tools and machines present. The analyses of risk are done regularly to avoid misuse of human resources, capital, and time.

Supported by Insights Partners and Andreessen Horowitz, Doxel is a growing platform consisting of a commendable team of technologists, creative mindsets, and industrialists. 

Target Audience for Doxel 

Doxel targets big construction firms. As the project managers of the construction sites cannot keep a constant eye on the working of the project which can cause big cost affecting factors and delays. To avoid such problems, Doxel's computer vision technology is the perfect fit for their construction projects. It delivers significant productivity gains to commercial construction projects. For best results, Doxel uses autonomous devices to visually monitor every inch of a project. The devices then feed this data to its proprietary deep learning algorithms. After that, the algorithm analyzes the quality of the work in real-time. This helps the project managers to control the quality of the installations and if the pace of work is slow, it can also be boosted. 

Key Problems that Doxel Solves For its Customers

1. Capturing and identifying the object

Doxel is a service provider for all the software vendors out there. Doxel is responsible for delivering real-time feedback to customers on progress and quality. The major work of Doxel is to capture every corner of the site on a daily basis. It uses an autonomous lidar rover for indoor capturing and drones for the outdoors. The Doxel firm runs the data via a deep-learning algorithm. It processes and divides data into groups thus giving results in a wide range of analytics. 

2. Analyze in bits and pieces

The motive of Doxel collecting images of objects is to analyze them. For this, the AI of Doxel clicks images in 3D mode and links them with parametric data from 3D design mode, schedule, BIM, and estimate. The people of Doxel call this a process of "deep linking" as it gives them a wide range of data for analyses that helps in checking the cost planning. Every firm perceives data from a different angle. So, the cloud dashboard of Doxel allows you to break the data and analyze them in your own way.

Competitors of Doxel 

1. Autodesk Construction Cloud

It is a cloud-based software that connects the data and team. This helps to manage the workflow in a better manner and reduce the risk in order to maximize profits. 

2. Touchplan 

It is an award-winning construction collaboration tool loved by the project teams. It provides service to the teams who work in the fields, planners, and stakeholders via a web-based system that can be accessed anywhere and everywhere.

3. Assemble

It is software that allows the manager to look after the BIM data. One can perform various tasks like reviewing designs, change in management, conceptualizing estimations, and much more.

4. Fonn

It is a brand new way to manage construction projects. One can store documents, keep an eye on the work, and communicate with the people working on-site by one platform. By handling all the jobs from one place, the people can be more productive and informed.

Pricing of Doxel

The pricing of Doxel varies a lot as it is based on the type of features required, training needed, and customizations as well. One can go through the website to find the product and services they need and then contact the vendor about the pricing for the same.

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