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SEO for SaaS

Learn about SEO challenges in single-page applications, How to redesign websites without affecting SEO efforts, Top SEO myths you should never fall for, link building for SaaS, SEO checklist for SaaS marketers, and more.

With competition so bitter in SaaS, every company intends to maximize traction and new customers acquisition. As with any other business, software companies achieve this through a combination of marketing channels including direct sales, paid advertising (i.e. social and PPC ads), SEO, referral marketing, and partnerships. Consequently, as companies aim to attract new buyers in a highly competitive environment, competition for and across these platforms and activities becomes more fierce.

The goal is to choose the best way to drive consistent growth while keeping their Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) low. SEO tends to be an obvious choice as it may not be the simplest, nor the fastest, but certainly, an effective approach to achieving this.

Research suggests the most critical source of attracting customers for SaaS companies is search engine optimization, driving up to 68 % of the organic traffic they get, and only 11% of businesses invest in digital marketing. This means that if you invest in content marketing as a tool to improve your SEO, there's plenty of room for your SaaS company to rank at the top of the search results. Here are some quick facts- 

  • A 2x increase in leads produced from organic findings was seen by Pepipost.
  • PDF Pro saw a rise from 141 to 150K visits a month in organic search traffic.
  • In tech demo sign-ups, Maptive saw a 51% rise.

Why should you read this Guide? 

There is plenty of content written by various product companies, experts and the likes on this topic in the form of blogs, podcasts, webinars, case studies, for you to read and consume. We thought it would be more useful to have one resource, in one place, to guide new teams along their growth journeys, helping them focus on the fundamentals and getting their bases covered. Everything they may use and refer to again and again. We couldn't find one, so we came up with our own.

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