TerraPay and BOSS Revolution announce partnership, Chintai enters partnership with iTrust and more

SaaS news this week (8th August-15th August, 2021): TerraPay and BOSS Revolution announce partnership, Chintai enters partnership with iTrust
TerraPay and BOSS Revolution announce partnership, Chintai enters partnership with iTrust and more

TerraPay and BOSS Revolution Money Transfer announce partnership

TerraPay, a global mobile-first payments infrastructure company, has announced its partnership with BOSS Revolution Money Transfer, the international remittance service of global fintech provider IDT Corporation. The strategic partnership extends money transfer options for the latter’s customers across different regions.

TerraPay aspires to create unified payment rails for businesses and merchants worldwide. It connects multiple and diverse payment instruments and modes, with a single API integration across 79 receive countries and 153 send countries. IDT Corporation’s BOSS Revolution branded money transfer and international calling services aspire to make sending money and connecting with peers across the globe convenient and reliable. 

Chintai enters partnership with iTrust

Chintai leverages blockchain technology to transform financial markets. iTrust is a protocol for decentralized financial insurance. As per the new partnership, iTrust will try to provide syndicated coverage on the Chintai network. On the Chintai network, iTrust will provide insurance coverage for deposits, smart contracts, and temporary loss protection for liquidity providers, making the ecosystem more trustworthy for all users.

Chintai’s private institutional beta release allows financial institutions to test compliant digital asset issuance and secondary trading for traditional assets, including stocks, bonds, real estate, and debt at no cost.

Payix joins hands with LoanPro for better lending management

Payix enters an alliance with LoanPro to help the latter’s clients afford its custom white-labeled tool suite that improves payments collections. The partnership aims to improve the lenders’ payment collecting processes. By combining Loan Pros nextgen LMS with Payix’s suite of borrower payment & communication channels lenders can better solve the problems.

Glia aligns with Duck Creek Technologies 

Duck Creek Technologies, a SaaS insurance core system supplier partnered with Glia, a digital customer support service. Customers can now integrate Glia into their agent- and customer-facing portals using Duck Creek’s Content Exchange. P&C Insurers can now deliver considerably better agent and customer service and cut call times and increase efficiency. This will differentiate and increase brand loyalty in this highly competitive market while reducing servicing costs. 

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