Propelo Acquires $12M Series A, DTiQ Partners with Qu

SaaS news this week (1st Novermber 2021- 7th November 2021): Propelo Acquires $12M Series A, DTiQ Partners with Qu
Propelo Acquires $12M Series A, DTiQ Partners with Qu

Propelo Acquires $12M Series A Funding

Propelo has unveiled the industry's first AI-powered, superior engineering platform to help businesses deliver software faster. Propelo.ai brings industrialization of an AI-driven approach that accelerates software delivery by fusing smart analytics with smart automation. They are a dedicated solution that enables engineering teams to work with a higher level of excellence, bringing together multiple stakeholders and individuals in development, QA, DevOps, security, and product management on the same page for transparency.

DTiQ Announces Partnership with Qu's Unified Commerce Engine

DTiQ, the leading cloud software for restaurant business management, has announced a partnership and integration with Qu, a company that goes beyond point-of-sale on its unified commerce platform (“UCP”). This integration provides customers with a single view of their business by providing real-time video details in line with restaurant order data. Restaurant operators will be able to see different aspects of their business on a single screen, using remote audits and alerts as needed.

Copper Financial & FusionIQ Join Forces to Democratize Wealth Management

Copper Financial announced that it has partnered with Fusion IQ, an innovative financial technology company that provides digital investment platforms. This integration follows Copper Financials' announcement earlier this year that it has partnered with Apex Fintech Solutions LLC (Apex) to provide credit union advisors and members with a more robust and comprehensive investment experience.

Emerge Tools Raises $1.7M

Emerge has built a tool that helps keep your applications small, monitor changes between builds, and recommend actions that can reduce the storage space required. You can connect to your team's GitHub and mark application resizing changes as comments on each pull request. The Emerge control screen, on the other hand, provides different views of the space your application occupies and suggests ways to limit it. The company has raised $1.7 million to complete its mission.

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