Google Debuts brand new Meet features, Notion acquires Automate.io and more

SaaS news this week (4th September 2021- 9th September 2021): Google debuts brand new Meet features, Notion acquires Automate.io and more
Google Debuts brand new Meet  features, Notion acquires Automate.io and more

Google Debuts Meet features like Companion mode

Google  announced some updates across Workspace, its collection of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools. Features like enhanced search, meet calling, and live-translated captions in Meet, as well as new all-in-one video conferencing devices for Meet from Logitech and Avocor.

The launch of Workspace spaces provides dashboards for real-time project collaboration. On the Meet side, Google is rolling out Meet calling on both mobile and desktop devices. 

Notion acquires Automate.io  for product expansion

Notion acquired Automate.io to integrate connectivity and integrations with over 200 services and accelerate its product expansion to become more compelling for tens of millions of individuals and businesses that are increasingly moving to digital collaborative tools.

This acquisition will help Notion understand the know-how of — and leverage — the 200 integrations the Indian startup has developed to give users and enterprises alike the ability to bring their workflows into Notion.

IBM Launches IBM Power E 1080 for Hybrid cloud environments

IBM announced the first server in the next generation of Power servers, the IBM Power E1080 server with the new Power10 processor. The latest offering  fits into the hybrid cloud environment of which IBM is a huge proponent. The server promises agility needed in today's dynamic market.

Portcast raises $3.2M for more sustainable supply chains

To manage logistics, track shipments online, and data-recording into an Excel spreadsheet, Portcast offers “next-generation logistics operating system.” The company raised $3.2 million in pre-Series A funding, led by Newtown Partners, through the Imperial Venture Fund, with participation from Wavemaker Partners, TMV, Innoport and SGInnovate. 

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