Chargebee plans global expansion, Basecamp witnesses mass walkout & more

SaaS news this week (May 3 - May 9, 2021): Chargebee Plans Global Expansion, Basecamp witnesses 30 percent workforce walk out, and more:
Chargebee plans global expansion, Basecamp witnesses mass walkout & more

Chargebee Plans Global Expansion after Achieving Unicorn Status

Chargebee, a subscription billing, and revenue management platform has plans for a global expansion after they achieved a $1 billion valuation last month.

According to Rajaraman Santhanam, the Co-founder of Chargebee, their expansion plans involve acquiring clients from other industries like Internet of Things ed-tech, and e-commerce etc. to match the sudden shift toward subscription models and large-scale billing options due to the ongoing pandemic.

Basecamp witnesses mass walkout after CEO Jason Fried bans political discussions in the company

Basecamp CEO Jason Fried released a blog post numbering new rules adopted by the company, including a ban on 'societal and political discussions on our company Basecamp account.'

Around 30% of Basecamp showed their dissatisfaction with the new rules by putting down their resignations. The group who left even includes employees who served the company for over a decade.

Clubhouse starts a 'rough beta testing' to penetrate the Android Market

The voice-based networking app Clubhouse starts their beta testing for the android market. Clubhouse described the test as  a “rough beta version” and is rolled out to a select group of non-employees which the company dubs as “friendly testers”.

The “rough beta version” is not made available for the general public to sign up for the testing phase yet.

Global "Knowledge-as-a-Service" platform, Lynk announces collaboration with UBS

Lynk announced their collaboration with UBS, a multinational investment bank and financial services company. Their collaboration is meant to give the banking giant access to Lynk’s database of 840,000 experts around the world.

Lynk is the first SaaS platform built on an expert network and the first to anchor the term Knowledge as a Service (KaaS).

Upstream Works Launches Upstream Works for Amazon Connect

Upstream Works is known for creating products that have outstanding client and agent interaction. They have recently launched Upstream Works for Amazon Connect (UWA). UWA is an enterprise-ready cloud contact center solution that enhances Amazon Connect. 

The omnichannel agent desktop unifies all customer interactions and channels with full visibility and context-data, empowering agents to provide more personalized customer engagements. UWA, is now available on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.  

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