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The Verloop Story

Read about Verloop, Bengaluru based automated customer support and engagement applications. Read the full story to know about their competitors, growth challenges, Funding, Leadership.

Sparsh Goyal

Customers are the most important part of any business and can make or break your success. Hence, it becomes mandatory to know them well and have a good business-customer relationship. Customer Support software can do wonders and help you to effectively bond with them without the requirement to spend hours checking up on them one by one. Most businesses today ensure that they have software that can increase customer satisfaction as of course prioritizing the customers is essential. If you are also looking for software that can connect you to your customers then one tool that must be mentioned is Verloop!

What is Verloop.io?

Verloop.io, declared as the ‘World's Smartest Conversational Support Platform’, was founded by Gaurav Singh in October 2015. It is a leading intelligent customer support software to help your business connect well with your customers, ensuring fast time response, hence happy customers. It allows bot-to-human as well as human-to-human interactions, across a range of channels. It even has a multilingual function where it's possible to converse with the client in a range of languages. Verloop.io is a handy tool if you are looking to automate customer support on your website, improve the experience through assisted buying, or learn more about your leads.

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Key Problems Solved by Verloop.io for Today’s Businesses

In today’s world, where most things are done online, a customer support section is required. Imagine your customer doesn’t know how to purchase something. If there is no place for them to find an answer, you are losing your potential customer, maybe even forever. 

This is the problem that Verloop.io solves - it helps you connect with your customer in case of any queries. Verloop.io provides multilingual chatbot automation across a range of industries - telecom, EdTech, eCommerce, logistics, real estate, OTA, and more. Along with that, it provides three great solutions which are customer support, customer acquisition and customer engagement; all useful to increase user experience as well as traffic. It can also automate native applications such as Facebook and Whatsapp, providing a more personalized connection to the customers. You can create a bot to bucket and transfer leads to sales representatives, send engaging messages to recapture potential customers and for many more tasks.

Verloop.io’s Target Customers

Verloop.io is the ideal tool for businesses (of all sizes) who are looking to improve and automate customer support services on their websites.  To provide a good customer experience, it is very important to ensure that your website has such a tool. This is especially necessary as technology is growing so rapidly, and not everyone is aware and up to date with it, which is why a lot of users need help.

Verloop.io’s Current Clients

Verloop.io has created its identity in a very short amount of time - 5 years!  Over the past few years, they have processed over 2B queries and reached over 100M unique users. Currently, Verloop.io has 15000+ customers in 108 countries who are using it as their customer support tool across different channels. Some famous names include Nykaa, Cleartrip, Dar Al Arkan, Fetchr and Decathlon. Along with that, recently Verloop.io helped build India's first COVID-19 chatbot for the Goa Government!

Top Verloop.io Case Study

“Abhi Bot started engaging 3x customers and resolving 96% of the customer queries in less than 1 minute. In 91% of the cases, AbhiBus users were happy with the way their queries were handled.” -Susmita Lakra, Senior Product Manager, AbhiBus

AbhiBus is a top e-ticketing platform in India for bus services, which aims to deliver online booking solutions to its customers. Over the years they grew exponentially and started hotel, bus rental and train ticketing services as well. Due to an increase in their services, they saw a huge rise in customer queries. To solve this, they needed an AI-powered automation software that could keep up the good customer service that they had always maintained for their customers, without the need for too much human intervention. 

To achieve so, AbhiBus decided to use Verloop.io’s conversational support tool which is built on ML and NLP algorithms. Through the use of Verloop.io, AbhiBus built chatbot flows for all their services, which made their communication very effective with their clients. Verloop.io’s automation allowed AbhiBus to provide the right information to their customers at the right time as AbhiBus built a comprehensive FAQ section to create a well-versed chatbot and integrated it with their CRM. With every passing question, the chatbot self-learned and became more and more human-like at carrying out conversations. AbhiBus also saved time, reduced costs and increased revenue and staff productivity as before using Verloop.io, their employees had to spend hours solving queries. 

To further enhance their customer service, AbhiBus also automated SMS, Whatsapp and Email using Verloop.io. Through this, they were able to provide a more personalized customer experience. In these major communication platforms, Abhibus shared all the information beforehand and gave the customers a more real-time experience. 

Overall, AbhiBus has been greatly advantaged after they leveraged Verloop.io!

To read the case study in detail, visit Verloop.io - The Inside Story.

How to use Verloop.io?

It is daunting to get accustomed to new technologies and so, if you are worried about not knowing how to use Verloop.io, don’t worry! You can schedule a demo anytime on the Verloop.io website and they also have many resources available, which will teach you everything in no time.

Primary Features

1. Dashboard

Verloop.io has a well organized and easy to read dashboard, which will provide you with all the necessary information and KPIs that you need such as total incoming chats, totally resolved chats etc. You can engage with your customers 24/7 and scale with their real-time and insightful dashboard.

2. Live Chat

Verloop.io allows you to respond to live queries immediately so that your customers don’t have to wait. You can communicate with your visitors in real-time and provide support to form a connection. Also, it allows you to check the statistics of the chat such as time and customer details, lets you organize the chats according to the tags and lets you add internal notes too.  

  • 3. Bot Builder

Verloop.io’s finest and key feature is the bot builder. Through the bot builder, you can create a fully customizable API bot, allowing you to save time and effort from having to connect with the customers directly. You can enable multilingual AI-powered attributes in your chatbots and allow engagement with local as well as international customers on your websites and social media accounts (Facebook pages, Whatsapp).

  • 4. Reports
  • Verloop.io lets you track your leads, see what sort of questions are being asked, read your sales, marketing and design statistics as well. You can generate state-of-the-art reports whenever you want and filter reports by setting parameters.

  • 5. Integrations

Verloop.io can be integrated with more than 60 software such as Hubspot, Zapier, Salesforce, Slack, WordPress, Shopify and many more. This ensures that users can connect, sync and automate workflow between Verloop.io and their current applications.

Verloop.io’s Competitors

Verloop.io has a lot of competitors such as Freshdesk, HubSpot, LiveAgent, Zoho Desk, Zendesk, Salesforce and many more. Verloop.io is different compared to the traditional bot builder software as Verloop.io bots have a very impactful machine learning system, allows the customers to converse in languages they are comfortable with, FAQ automation ensures that visitors get answers to their queries fast and lastly allows space for human-to-human conversation when visitors have personalized questions.

Growth Challenges

Verloop.io’s vision is to enable businesses to deliver delightful support experiences to their customers, across channels, which they have been servicing very efficiently to their customers. To further unify their tool, they have been adding new features regularly. One such element that they recently introduced is Verloop.io Voice, which empowers customers to have free-flowing conversations. It can automate 80% of the call centre with a voice and chat model, it can increase engagement by 5x and provide secure and real-time automated support across a range of platforms.

Funding and Leadership

Verloop.io began as a seed-funded firm and slowly gained great traction due to its services. In November 2018, it received Series A funding of $3M from 6 investors. As they grew bigger with their smart business tactics, in August 2020, they received another Series A funding, but of a whopping $5M instead! Verloop.io is constantly growing and getting linked with big firms. 


Though Veloop hasn’t provided its prices out in the open, you could schedule a demo and learn more about it to know if this software is the right fit for you!

For more information, visit https://www.verloop.io and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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