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The SmartKarrot Story

SmartKarrot caters to business functions like managing customer experience, product adoption and comprehensive customer success operations in one comprehensive platform. Find out how it does this and more.

Smruti Gutte

Modern businesses follow success only after they make their customers the cornerstone of their processes. Be it improving their product to fuel product-led growth or setting up pricing, inputs from customers and prospects are most valued to young businesses. One of the smartest moves for companies is investing in an intelligent customer success platform. One platform that gives real-time solutions to the customers is imperative for growth.

According to Hubspot, customer success is anticipating the challenges or questions that your customers have and proactively providing answers and solutions to the same. This is aimed at helping customers be more successful, of course, with the company’s product. This helps boost customer happiness and retention which thus inspires customer loyalty and increases the company’s revenue. SmartKarrot is one such comprehensive and easy-to-use platform for B2B businesses.

What is SmartKarrot?

SmartKarrot is an intelligent, actionable customer success platform to drive predictable and repeatable success from onboarding to adoption and help businesses operationalize customer success. SmartKarrot helps businesses improve customer engagement and retention by managing multiple touchpoints across various stages.

Founded by Prithwi Dasgupta and Arnab Chatterjee in 2018, SmartKarrot is a SaaS provider that is driven by the need to make every customer story a success. 

The company has been built by integrating aspects like managing customer experience, product adoption and comprehensive customer success operations in one comprehensive platform. They promise to continue innovating automation, prediction and prescription to help drive success to all their valued customers.

Just like any other B2B company, SmartKarrot is passionate about success.

How does SmartKarrot help?

They empower clients with a means to inspect or study how their end users interact with their websites or mobile apps. They can connect with the end users through the SmartKarrot Platform Service. SmartKarrot is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of both clients and their end users and the information they obtain through the platform. 

SmartKarrot service provides you with a global view of customer activities on your company’s web services or other software services. They help empower customer success teams to realize what their true potential is and deliver winning customer outcomes. 

Smartkarrot service helps businesses know their customers, identify risks and various opportunities, and plot subject matter. Based on these insights, businesses can highlight their customer’s interactions with their product and make informed product success decisions.

One cannot drive success without their product being consistently used. Connecting insights to actions meaningfully is what drives adoption goals through various phases of the product lifecycle. 

PRODUCT USAGE-  Gives information about what your customers do with the product, when and for how long. These insights provide intelligence to the groups. The information can be as diverse as product management to customer success management. This allows businesses to make the right Product Management decisions.

USER BEHAVIOR - The key to finding out how users interact with your product is understanding their behavior. To track and see how users interact with the product, businesses can create event funnels that mirror the business KPIs. One can analyze drop-offs at each stage and take actions using SmartKarrot’s Action Library.

SmartKarrot allows businesses to remain relevant to their customers, personalize their engagement campaigns, reduce churn and achieve retention and upsell in the end.

What are the Features of SmartKarrot?

The main benefits of SmartKarrot are focused on the need to prevent churn, drive upsells, foster advocacy, improve team efficiency and of course, enhance customer experience. Let’s learn more about them. 

360° Customer View

One thing that sets SmartKarrot apart from other companies is its 360° view of customer data and insights in one place. This allows their clients to stay on the top, assess risks, evaluate health, dive deeper, configure needs and take actions.

Configurable Health Score

SmartKarrot does not just provide information at your fingertips, but also, smartly identifies at-risk or upsell-ready customers with health scores. One can analyze this data and take proactive action as needed.

Real-time Account Intelligence

With SmartKarrot, businesses can get intelligence that’ll help them be more attentive to their customers’ needs. You don’t need to hunt for more information anymore. They have all the moving parts served on a platter.

Best Practice Playbooks

Playbooks are a collection of prescriptive best practices from onboarding to advocacy that is customizable to business needs. SmartKarrot makes success repeatable with access to powerful, flexible and easy-to-use playbooks.

Surveys and Pulse Feedback

SartKarrot makes surveys, feedback and pulse easier for customers. The goal is to keep them within the ecosystem and no longer force customers to leave to provide feedback. They configure and automate across NPS, detailed customer surveys, pulse on triggers, etc. all from one interface.

Automated Campaigns

SmarKarrot helps automate multi-channel customer campaigns from a single interface. SmartKarrot helps create hyper-personalized campaigns that allow businesses to meet their customers in the various stages of their buyers’ journey at the best medium possible.

Product Usage Analytics

Data and analytics are the superpowers that give you an edge in the market. SmartKarrot monitors product usage across segments via feature heatmaps and drill-downs, event funnels and advanced engagement indices. It helps identify events that drive most usage and identify drop-offs at each stage to improve product adoption.

Task and Touchpoints Management

SmartKarrot helps painlessly streamline end user touchpoints from one place. It helps clients maximize their growth with touchpoints and keep track of them without sacrificing time or effort. It helps collaborate with the business teams for chaos-free discussions and promote collaboration.

How does SmartKarrot help drive Engagement?

SmartKarrot is the world’s first Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) that offers engagement and incentivization for audiences. If you choose SmartKarrot, you can avail all of the features without any hassle of coding. Businesses can make changes in the program and customize engagement programs anytime. 

Smartkarrot provides a detailed, flexible segmentation for businesses to reach out to specific groups. It provides deep insights based on several performance indicators and helps benchmark the performance for future marketing campaigns. You can design surveys in multiple formats and understand what’s on your audience’s mind. SmartKarrot provides ready templates so that businesses save time and also offers an option of attaching an incentive for getting a timely response.

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Closing Thoughts…

With task management tools, oversight, touchpoint alerts and automated actions, SmartKarrot helps businesses turn their data into actionable and personalized campaigns that are focused on the customers.

In a nutshell, SmartKarrot helps businesses empower their customer success teams and realize their fullest potentials to deliver winning customer outcomes and reduce churn, stay relevant to the customers, personalize engagement campaigns, expand predictable revenue and slowly but definitely achieve retention and upsell.

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