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The runrun.it story

Runrun.it is an information-backed platform that helps your company to keep track of tasks, projects and work processes.

Prithvi Manjunatha

Runrun.it is a cloud business management solution. If your business needs to keep track of when users leave, Runrun.it can help you in an easy and unique way. 

Think of Runrun.it as a giant manager for tasks, projects, and workflows. The user clicks on 'Play' and Runrun.it automatically calculates hours and assigns costs to customers, projects and tasks. Gain control and monitor the profitability of your projects and clients with a powerful data set.

Runrun.it is an information-backed platform that helps your company to keep track of tasks, projects and work processes. With customizable dashboards, Runrun.it offers executives a 360-degree overview of their business, thanks to its simple navigation and usability. This ensures that your employees meet the requirements for recording every decision for every task while centralizing the relevant documentation.

What does runrun.it have to offer?

Runrun.it provides a variety of features to boost productivity, organizing tasks and time management. It ensures transparency and makes people independent. They can access their tasks, decide how long it takes to complete their work, and organize their workload while realizing real deadlines.

In addition, the software includes powerful algorithms to help managers predict possible delivery delays and whether they will exceed costs.

Runrun.it allows you to enter the information you have into the system. The program then takes over the project management, the estimation of deadlines and costs. The dashboard is a page that focuses on the most relevant information. You can make your own stats with filters, just select the highlights and drag the blocks where you want them. Each block is a scale that you can follow in real time. You can edit blocks with advanced filters, add more statistics to your control panel, and move them from place to place.

Who is runrun.it for?

This solution is primarily intended for companies with several employees. Keeping track of many tasks at the same time can be difficult, especially when the projects are running at the same time. Service, marketing and project departments of an organization can greatly benefit from runrun.it

What do customers have to say about runrun.it?

Sony, bosch, oracle, ericsson, are some clients of runrun.it. A lot of smaller businesses/start-ups use runrun.it too.

One customer said ”the system provides the timesheet control to a next level, being able to use kanban and cards of tasks alongside the time control and, the best part, the reports! You can take reports whenever and however you want. By the way, the report comes in .xls, so you can create your own form of presentation.”

What are the general criticisms for runrun.it?

Inspite of being comprehensive and intuitive, it takes time to coordinate processes in day-to-day operations and adapt to the workflow. It becomes more and more intuitive as you take the time to understand how it works, how it works in your flow, and tune and test it.

Perhaps the team's communication tools can be explored further. If you need to get all the comments on a particular project, its difficult to know how to get them in a report form, e.g. a timeline with all data records. Maybe more support documentation can help in this case.


Runrun.it offers three pricing plans for customers with varying features in each upgrade.

Free: Their free plan offers an unlimited trial for 14 days, after which users could upgrade to a paid version or stay free for an unlimited period of time with limited features.

Business: runrun.it offers a business plan for $10/month per user. But it needs a minimum of 5 users. Some of the features offered in this plan include unlimited tasks and projects, unlimited boards, ability to attach files upto 5 GB, Android and iOS apps.

Enterprise: runrun.it's enterprise plan is aimed towards bigger companies with a higher staff on their payroll. With a price tag of  $49/user per month, this plan offers password protection, in person meetings, accounts manager, activity log and much more.134e

To wrap it up…

Runrun.it has a lot of features in its arsenal and can help in organizing tasks among your team. The paid versions having many more features is worth giving a shot, but remember to try out the free version to see if it truly beats the traditional way your organization is currently organizing tasks.

Visit runrun.it's website here to learn more.

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