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Know how an SEO tool based in India is helping its customers. Founded by Sahil and Vaibhav Kakkar, Rankwatch's ideal customers, competitors, use-cases, pricing, and more.

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Good content is simply no longer enough - A strategic SEO execution has become mandatory to be able to compete with other websites. As someone who has been looking through different SEO tools to optimize your website, explore RankWatch

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RankWatch, founded by Sahil Kakkar and Vaibhav Kakkar in 2012, is an SEO management platform, reliant on an artificial intelligence system of its own. Its motive is to help website owners, like you, to figure out where you are losing traffic, allowing you a chance to improve and make your product better than it already is.

Keep reading to look to know more about the software, key problems it solves and how it’s helping businesses.

Key Problems that RankWatch is Solving for Today’s Businesses

The fact that RankWatch is useful for SEO isn’t something obscure. Most website owners out there know that one’s SEO knowledge is only as strong as the data it's built on. Businesses, without access to reliable and easy-to-use SEO tools, find it difficult to keep a constant track of ever-evolving Google ranking algorithm and ranking, eventually causing it to collapse. 

“Drop in rankings and subsequent traffic loss is a nightmare,”  - Sahil Kakkar, Founder Rankwatch. 

A lack of such a tool also holds you back from gaining insight into your own site as well as what your competitors are doing for their SEO. This is the problem that RankWatch aims to solve. With RankWatch, you can gain viewers by researching areas such as Rankings, Analytics, Backlinks, etc and then analyzing it to give you intelligent data. Also, many SEO solutions have a huge barrier between the customer and itself, where no direct contact can be made in case of  any software glitches. RankWatch targets to shorten this barrier and provide full tech support whenever required.

RankWatch’s Ideal Customers

RankWatch’s ideal customers include anyone and everyone who is looking to increase their SEO ranking, especially heads of marketing. All website owners need an automated analyzer for their core SEO processes in a cost-effective way, to be able to beat the competitors. As RankWatch has been reviewed to be fairly user-friendly, hence, marketers of any skill in SEO optimization can use this software.

RankWatch’s Product User

RankWatch currently has the majority of the clients in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large organizations segments. They are marketers who need a quick automated system that can deliver SEO analytics reports on the go. With over 25000+ customers including brands like Amazon, ebuyer, Sky, Exelero, MRM//McCann etc.

Source: Rankwatch

Rankwatch Use Cases:

RankWatch’s use cases include:

  • 1. Quick long-tail keyword search

RankWatch provides the service to be able to track a large number of keywords so that you can quickly identify as well as get actionable data to perform a successful SEO campaign.

  • 2. Deep Competitor Analysis

RankWatch will help you discover who your organic and paid competitors are by keeping an eye on their activities (such as ads and keywords) and reporting you timely. You can also easily compare the keywords to theirs and find out who is dominating the market.

  • 3. Website Quality Analysis

This feature smartly researches exactly what is making your website attractive or invisible by testing the Technology, Social Media and Mobile, parameters important to make you visible to a vaster audience.

  • 4. Tracking keyword ranking in SERPs

Keyword Archive gives you access to historical data of your keywords by keeping a screenshot of the Google SERP

  • 5. Backlinks Calculations

Its parameters such as Newly Added Backlinks, Most Frequently Used Links, Top Linking Domains, Site Wide vs Non Site Wide, Deep Link Ratio, DoFollow vs NoFollow, Image vs Text, TLD Distributions and Strongest Page are all calculated very fast.

  • 6. Google Analytics

RankWatch has a special feature where it can be integrated with Google Analytic, giving you the inbound marketing data to help you strategies better and make informed decisions to refine your website experience.

Winning Case Study

99Acres, launched in 2005 and a part of InfoEdge (India), is an Indian Real Estate Property Site where one can buy, sell or rent out properties. As a huge enterprise, they were facing problems with the sheer volume of keywords. 99Acres was targeting to hit more than 30,000 keywords for their domains but their SEO experts found it time-consuming and difficult to monitor the rankings of each of their keywords manually. In order to save time and effort, they looked for different software and eventually landed on RankWatch. 

In other software, there was a lack of immediate support and quick response as well as some features (that RankWatch had) such as website analysis. RankWatch was one software out there that provided so many tools in one software. 

One of the main reasons that 99Acres loved RankWatch was because of its easy availability over the phone and hence a prompt reply to their problems. Despite facing some problems, in the beginning, all issues were sorted over the stipulated period of time. Since 99Acres has started using RankWatch, it has achieved much better time management. They are now able to use the excess time to focus on other important work, plus their SEO results have improved immensely.

"Easy availability over the phone and quick resolution to our queries are the two reasons that made us go for RankWatch." - Ravinandan, Marketing Team

For a detailed read of the case study, see RankWatch Case Studies.

How RankWatch Works?

Take a look at this playlist to get an overview of the product features. 
However, just to give you an idea, this software has unique features, including hidden opportunities, website quality analyzer, dashboard designed for a CEO or an agency, making it a comprehensive SEO tool fit for all kinds of businesses. It even has a Mobile Phone Friendly Progress Checking App, so you can have a look at your website’s progress even when you are chilling at home!

Source: Rankwatch

RankWatch’s Competitors

Currently, RankWatch competes with a lot of SEO solutions. Main competitors include Semrush, Nightwatch, SE Ranking, SerpStat, SpyFu, Act-On, Moz Pro, Ahrefs, Siteimprove, BrightEdge, etc. Evaluation of RankWatch against its competitor purely depends on the features you plan on using. Tools like Semrush and Ahref compete with RankWatch along with a range of features but on the other hand, RankWatch is comparable with competitors like SiteImprove and BrightEdge on certain features only. 

RankWatch is considered a 360 degree solution, which is an attribute not available in most software, and that's what makes it special. You won’t have to go around paying different software to give you all the data you need to optimize your SEO.

Growth Challenges Faced by RankWatch

RankWatch has been fulfilling its objective of sorting business use-cases very elegantly, however, it wishes to move past them and solve greater SEO problems, specific to the company’s demands. Over the past few years, it has come out with RankWatch 4.0 and has been aiming to quickly and effectively customize its software, according to the company’s needs. 

Many have reported having gotten personalized tech support, and prompt response, when any challenges were faced by the client. In the next few years, it will grow to perfect all its tools, to be able to make itself a stronger solution

Rankwatch Funding and Leadership

Sahil and Vaibhav Kakkar, the founders of RankWatch, had started RankWatch with a seed-funding of 75 lakhs rupees (approx. USD14.4k) from their friends and family. However, through smart marketing, RankWatch shot up to its revenue to $2.3M with only 2000 customers, using an explainer video. Their current funding is unknown.

Rankwatch Pricing Information

RankWatch isn’t the cheapest tool in the market, but it is not expensive either. As someone providing such a large variety of services, their pricing is quite affordable. Also, a 14-day free trial is available. Take a look at their prices!

For more information, visit https://www.rankwatch.com/ and Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

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