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A complete guide that covers why more and more businesses are opting for No-code tools. How founders & businesses using no-code platforms. We also have article each on Best No-code tools, communities and influencers of 2021.

What is the need of No Code solutions?

Today, more than ever, growing companies face a slew of threats. On one side, there is the ever-increasing demand to cut costs. And on another you need to scale your business to satisfy the increasing demand. Although the best option is to rely on custom software and automation to streamline the operation, most companies haven't been able to afford this for a long time. That was, at least, the case prior to the introduction of low code. 

Coding dominated the land for nearly 50 years, and the influence of great code enabled software devices to progress at an exponential rate. It wasn't until the 2010s that the term "low-code" became popular. The term “Low code” was first coined by Forrester in 2014. 

In Forrester’s own words, 

            Low-code platforms enable rapid delivery of business applications with a minimum of hand-coding and minimal upfront investment in setup, training, and deployment

With this technology, users can create applications/websites 10X faster using visual programming and drag-and-drop features, rather than writing a lot of code. 

As the next move past low-code platforms, no-code platforms are on the rise. Brief difference between the two:

  • No Code: Aimed at any business user. The only learning curve is figuring out how to use the platform in the software stack and onboarding it.
  • Low Code: Aimed at developers or any user with limited coding knowledge. Require slightly more programming knowledge as compared to no-code.

According to the market research study published by P&S Intelligence, the low code market is expected to increase from its $10.3 billion market value back in 2019 to $187 billion by 2030 as more companies see the benefits of adopting the platform for their business needs. That's a CAGR of 31.1%.  Take a look at how no-code/ low-code trends in 2021 ahead of us.

Why should you read this Guide? 

There is plenty of content written by various product companies, experts and the likes on this topic in the form of blogs, podcasts, webinars, case studies, for you to read and consume. We thought it would be more useful to have one resource, in one place, to guide new teams along their growth journeys, helping them focus on the fundamentals and getting their bases covered. Everything they may use and refer to again and again. We couldn't find one, so we came up with our own.

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