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Handbook to SaaS Pricing

A complete guide explaining the importance of the pricing process in SaaS. Learn about the best pricing models & strategies, optimizing your model, pricing a new product, and more. Know how different SaaS companies used pricing strategies to make a change.

Pricing Strategy in SaaS

The competition in the SaaS industry is very stiff. Companies claim that 70% of the applications they use for their business are SaaS-based and this number is expected to rise to 85% by 2025. In this crowding SaaS industry, the pricing model you use for your SaaS product can give you an edge in the competition. 

Pricing is like the final representation of your product. Thus, the goal is to come up with a smart pricing strategy that helps to keep the SaaS metrics for your company in check.  You do not want to put up a price for your product without a complete understanding of what motivates your customers to pay for your product. Your pricing strategy should make your revenue visible right from the start. It is not something you should leave for analysing later. And yet an average SaaS company spends just 6 hours in total on its pricing strategy. 

This guide is the one-place for SaaS pricing models and strategies with examples from the SaaS industry that will help you see how much potential a SaaS pricing strategy holds to be a distinguisher for your company in the market. It not only explains the need to invest in a strong pricing strategy for your SaaS but also takes you through the process to accomplish it.

Why should you read this Guide? 

There is plenty of content written by various product companies, experts and the likes on this topic in the form of blogs, podcasts, webinars, case studies, for you to read and consume. We thought it would be more useful to have one resource, in one place, to guide new teams along their growth journeys, helping them focus on the fundamentals and getting their bases covered. Everything they may use and refer to again and again. We couldn't find one, so we came up with our own.

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