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Top 10 Alumni Management Softwares for 2022

Alumni management programs usually offer universities and colleges the option to stay in contact with their graduates and engage them through communication, events, and donations. Here are top 10 alumni management softwares for 2022.

Prithvi Manjunatha
Best Alumni Management Softwares for You

Alumni management programs usually offer universities and colleges the option to stay in contact with their graduates and engage them through communication, events, and donations. 

Although even CRM systems (customer relationship management) can be used in today's market for this purpose, some of the options are specifically made keeping the needs and interests of past graduates in mind.

Many of the following Alumni Management Softwares are also proud to be an online network. They also provide a social media platform, in which graduates can interact with each other. They can also share information and resources to provide professional opportunities.

Almabase (price available upon request)

Almabase is a complete software solution for managing graduate programs. This feature includes email marketing, event logging, branding website, online alumni directory, and donation pages. Almabase was specially developed for graduates and has created an online network in which graduates can find each other, connect and interact with one another. It doesn't have its own CRM database, but it integrates with most database softwares such as Raiser's Edge, Ellucian, and Salesforce.


Disciple is a social platform designed for community building and accessibility. It works as a Web Application,  iOS, and Android. This is very similar to the social networks that students are already familiar with. The app's community hub allows administrators to manage members in the database, place scheduled content, analyze data, and more. From an alumni's point of view, Disciple looks, feels, and has all the features you're used to, like an app on social media. When an administrator publishes new content, alumni members  can access a calendar of events, watch live-streamed videos, and receive push notifications on their mobile devices. 

Salesforce for Education

Built on the world’s leading CRM, Education Cloud helps you drive learner and institution success from anywhere with one, connected platform for lifelong learning. With the education cloud, higher-ed and K-12 institutions can capture 360-degree views across the entire education journey. Recruitment and admissions, student experience, advancement, and operations teams can use one, integrated platform to capture valuable data that transforms learner engagements into lifelong relationships.

Graduway(price available upon request)

Graduway is a cloud-based networking platform that provides schools and colleges with an easy and simple way to attract alumni, graduates, and supporters. It gives all your alumni access to a diverse and willing network of exclusive professionals. An engaging and re-invigorated alumni platform that attracts alumni on a global scale and encourages them to interact with their former teachers.

Wild Apricot(price starting from $60)

Wild Apricot is an all-in-one membership management software designed to meet the needs of organizations such as associations, nonprofits, clubs, and other membership organizations. Wild Apricot makes it easy to manage your contacts, create newsletters, send emails, create your own website with a website builder, process payments, register participants, and more. With an easy-to-use interface, you are free to customize every aspect of your membership management system. If you need help, the WildApricot support team and a community of experts are ready to help you with best practices. 

Vaave(price available upon request)

Vaave helps universities to easily and effectively manage alumni relationships, including database management, website/community management, email management, event management, and donation management. This helps universities stay in touch with their alumni and improves relations, redevelopment and referrals. Vaave is trusted by companies such as Qualcomm and KPIT and organizations such as the United Nations GESCI.

Hivebrite (price available upon request)

Hivebrite combines a highly customizable platform for graduate involvement with a functional CRM system. Administrators design ways for graduates to join and interact with the community, add personal content, manage events, send email communications or send app notifications, and members build networks. Can help you find career opportunities. Organization managers can create groups in the alumni community and allow group controllers to lead, manage, and moderate each group.

NetCommunity(price available upon request)

Blackbaud's NetCommunity is an online alumni management system specially designed for deeper engagement. The focus is on using data to personalize communications, using dynamic websites to process donations and event registrations, and analyzing participation through extensive reporting. NetCommunity integrates seamlessly with Blackbaud's Raiser's Edge NXT donor management software to make it easy to run and track all your funding activities.

Raklet(price starts at $59/month)

Raklet is an alumni management software used by various organizations and is ideal for managing graduates. This creates a dedicated network for graduates to communicate with the organization and to each other, providing administrators with all the possibilities of a wide range of CRM systems. Some features include donation processing, event management, and deliberate communication through various channels. The Raklet Alumni Network makes it easy for members to mentor each other, share career opportunities such as work and internships, and build social connections through events, groups, and discussions.

e2S Connect(price available upon request)

e2s Connect is a complete graduate management solution that combines all the features of a CRM system with a social network that allows graduates to communicate with each other. Based on their graduation, alumni can join the community, form interests, and discussion forums, share knowledge, and build professional networks. On the CRM side, administrators have everything they need to raise money, organize events, analyze data, and share information with members.

In the End

These are just a few of the many Alumni Management softwares on the market. All these tools offer a wide variety of features to maintain a steady database of alumni, donations, and students. Most of the tools listed here are scalable and can be scaled according to the size of the university. 

In addition, organizations need to invest in external tools to manage their members. However, most programs are very adaptable and you may have the ability to determine what you want when talking to a representative for an overview or discussion about prices. 

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