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Tool Stack for B2B Social Media Marketers

The objective of social media marketing varies from business to business, you need to choose tools/platforms that help make your job easier and efficient. Here is a list of tools that Mailmodo's Mansi swears by.

Mansi Peshwani
Tools that Every B2B Social Media Marketer Can Count On

I had moved to my new apartment very recently. Last weekend, I went to a furniture store nearby to get some furniture for my new house. Pretty old shop, very small when I looked from outside. But I should admit, the collection was impeccable. Looking at the beautiful bookshelf, I was reminded of something I read recently. Here it goes, the relationship between a craftsperson and his/her tools is indeed an intimate one. Couldn’t be more true.

If you think more about it, it’s not for a carpenter or a sculptor for whom the tools are very important. It is applicable for anyone who wants to make their job easy and effective. So why not talk about the tool stack that will make the life of social media marketers more hassele-free.

Mansi Peswani, Marketer at Mailmodo, shares with us the tools she uses every day to manage social media at Mailmodo.


A good design is very important in social media. People are used to endless scrolling. It is a big deal to stop them and make them take a look at what you want to convey. A design that grabs attention in those fractions of seconds and creates value is what matters the most. Saying that Canva is my go-to tool for designing social media posts. Be it GIFs, or videos, Canva is very handy and has built-in templates for all the platforms. Canva helps reduce dependencies especially when you don’t have an in-house designer in place. 

Figma is also an amazing tool that will help you create designs from scratch effortlessly. 


I have recently started using Typefully and it’s such a pretty cool tool I would say. Twitter is a potential platform to build connections with your audience. But the character limit doesn’t let you convey things properly. In such cases, Typefully is a lifesaver. Typefully allows you to create and publish Twitter threads just like that. It gives you a live preview of your content while you are typing. All you have to do is keep typing in your ideas and it will convert them into pretty and nice looking Twitter threads.


Social media management involves a lot of tasks starting from ideation, to posting, analysing and a lot more. There are chances that you might miss out on certain things. But there are now a lot of social media management platforms available. Hootsuite is one of my favourites. From scheduling to social monitoring, and analytics, Hootsuite does it all. Especially, when you have your brand presence on different platforms or handling multiple accounts, it can help you look at everything and manage in one place.


Buzzsumo in general we know is a powerful content marketing tool with which you can find the most trending topics on the web. Even for social media, one can discover the best engagement, content and outreach opportunities across social and utilize it to create valuable, engaging content on your social accounts.


Be it product explainer videos or customer testimonials, you can seamlessly edit videos using InVideo. You can create professional videos in minutes with built-in templates inside the tool. InVideo offers a free plan as well as free trials for other business and agency plans. 


How does it portray your brand when your audience see you hanging out with big names from the industry? It builds credibility and trust among your audience. Saying that, there are a lot of social platforms out there that supports live streaming features. But the thing is, a part of your audience is active on LinkedIn and some are on others. In that case, going live on one platform takes away the opportunity of engaging with the audience on the other platforms. When you put in a lot of effort to make something huge like this, you don’t want to take chances. Do you? Streamyard lets your stream live videos directly to Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and other platforms. 

In the End

What you are expecting from social media for your brand is not the same for everyone. The goals and objectives for everyone are not the same. Every aspect of social media marketing being different for everyone, you need to choose tools/platforms that help make your job easier and efficient. However, most of the tools in the market offers free trials with which you can find tools that work best for you.

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