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Sales tools: Top Sales Intelligence Softwares for B2B SaaS

Here is a list of the 9 best sales intelligence tools for your B2B SaaS. Check out their best features and pricing.

Muskan Mehta
Sales tools: Top 9 Sales Intelligence Softwares for B2B SaaS

For a B2B Salesperson, targeting the right prospect forms the base of a successful sales process. Identifying and collecting data about the right prospect can improve: 

  • Your efficiency - you will not waste your time pitching to someone who does not fit your BANT criteria, and
  • The quality of your sales pitch- personalized sales pitches have a better chance of turning a prospect into a lead into a customer. 

One of the sales tools that B2B teams swear by that help in lead generation, scoring, prospecting, tracking buyer journey, and targeted outreach among other things, is the Sales Intelligence Software. 

Sales Intelligence (SI) Software helps B2B Sales and Marketing teams to identify, track, and understand the needs of potential leads. For Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and Business Development Representatives (BDRs), SI Software extracts data about your prospect from various public and private sources and integrates it into your CRM software to create a seamless sales funnel. 

Since there are hundreds of SI Software, we are here to help narrow your search. Here are our top 9 Sales Intelligence tools for B2B SaaS: 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms for B2B Salespeople to reach out and connect with sales prospects. Their premium paid offering, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, is the go-to Sales Intelligence tool for many B2B Sales teams. With the Sales Navigator, you can tap into a network of 500 million monthly active users. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator identifies the relevant prospects for your company, recommends customized leads, and integrates the collected data into your CRM. You can also use their InMail feature to reach out to prospects on LinkedIn itself. 


  • Core: $79.99/user/month, billed $959.88 annually
  • Advanced: $125/user/month, billed $1,500 annually


Lusha is one of the best tools for B2B Salespeople, especially if you're using LinkedIn for your cold email reach out. Get your prospects' email IDs and direct contacts in just a few clicks by using Lusha's Chrome extension. The clean User Interface (UI) and the filter tags will help you save time and increase your overall efficiency as a B2B Salesperson. Lusha is recommended Sales Intelligence Software for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) to generate short-term leads. 


  • Starter: Free 
  • Professional (Up to 2 users): $59/month, billed annually
  • Premium (Up to 5 users): $119/month, billed annually


'Hitting the iron while it's hot could not be more relevant for B2B Sales teams. Engaging with your potential customers exactly when they are ready to buy your service can change the game for you. With 6sense's AI tool, you can track the buyer journey of your sales prospects and predict their purchasing intention. You can tap into anonymous buying behaviour with their Dark Funnel™ and create personalized sales campaigns for your targeted prospects. 


Book a demo to understand the pricing structure 


Reaching out to someone who already knows about your product is a much more efficient way to turn them into a sales lead. They already have the intention to buy, and you need to leverage it with your pitch by wasting no time. Leadfeeder helps you with precisely that: identifying companies and prospects who visit your website. The lead generation tool tracks your website visitors, behaviour, and buying intention. You can also integrate this sales software with your chosen CRM Software, Google Data Studio, and Slack.  


  • Lite: Free
  • Premium: € 79/Month 


With Clearbit, you can turn leads into customers faster by identifying ideal prospects and finding the right time to reach out to them. You can use filters like industry and company size to narrow your search. The SI Software also tracks website visitors and alerts you in real-time as soon as an ideal prospect lands on your website. 


  • Pricing is based on CRM database size, monthly web traffic, and contact creation.


This all-in-one Sales Intelligence Software has a B2B database of over 200 million contacts and 30 million companies. With Apollo.io, you can set up automated tasks, calls, and emails, get analytics to make better decisions, and integrate your CRM software. You can also use Apollo's plug-in to collect emails and contacts of your prospects on LinkedIn.


  • Free
  • Basic: $9/user/month, Billed monthly
  • Professional: $19/user/month, Billed monthly


Lead data is pretty much useless if it's not accurate and up-to-date. Lead411 is a tool that solves both of these pain points for your B2B Sales efforts. You can look for companies that use particular tech, SaaS companies that recently got funded, and more with their database. Lead411's Google Chrome extension will also work seamlessly with your processes with easy API and CRM integration. 


  • Basic: $99/user/month, Billed monthly
  • Pro: $199/user/month, Billed monthly


Zoominfo will give you filtered B2B contact data— from direct dials and verified email addresses to job responsibilities and social media profile links. You can also identify target customers who are searching for relevant keywords, reveal data about potential leads visiting your website, automate email and phone calls, and integrate your existing tools. 


Get a customized pricing package by booking a demo.


Cognism is the go-to sales intelligence platform for collecting contact, company, and event information. With Cognism, your SaaS Sales team can get verified business emails, firmographics, technographics, and sales trigger events of sales prospects. 


Book a demo to get the pricing that suits your team. 

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