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Micro SaaS Examples

Micro SaaS took over the SaaS world like wildfire and is a business model that just needs one person to run the entire company. Here’s a list of some of our favourite Micro SaaS companies.

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Micro SaaS Examples

What is Micro SaaS?

Micro SaaS, as it can be understood from the word itself refers to a small SaaS, concentrated on particular requirements.

Tyler Tringas, founder of Storemapper coined the term Micro SaaS, and according to him, “A SaaS business targeting a niche market, run by one person or a very small team, with small costs, a narrow focus, a small but dedicated user base, and no outside funding. Hence, micro-SaaS.”

Micro SaaS is usually confused with Vertical SaaS, a business model that is focused on designing and developing SaaS solutions for a specific industry. The difference is that Micro SaaS can be run by just a single person, whereas Vertical Saas needs a dedicated team behind the development process.

Micro SaaS Examples


SolidGigs is a gig hunter for freelancers and they aim to match their users with the top 1% of jobs from premium sources. They provide leads every day and don’t take a commission from the client’s payment.

This is what a user had to say about Solidgigs:

I love the idea of waking up and getting a list of vetted, relevant job postings for my freelance writing services. A few months ago, that was just a dream, but now that I’m subscribed to Solidgigs, that’s a reality.


HYPEFURY is a platform to create social media content. They source from thousands of other co-creators to help make the best content for your tweets. They also have a feature to auto comment your best-performing newsletter and courses under popular tweets.

This is what a user had to say about HYPERURY:

Hypefury saves me time - that's what I wanted. I draft all of my tweets on a Sunday and then just dip in and out in the week to interact. It's a productivity lifesaver!


Plausible offers a privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative. Plausible is a lightweight and open source web analytics platform, made and hosted in Europe. They offer a simple overview of the data and omit the custom dashboard and reports.

This is what a user had to say about Plausible:

I’ve been using Plausible since 2019 and I don't regret a single buck spent on it (there is also a free, self-hosted version as well). I've been tracking a few of my websites and haven't logged in back to the Google Analytics ever since 👀


Karma is a team-morale boosting bot for Slack, Teams or Telegram. Karma helps set up team and individual goals, with options to appreciate your colleague’s achievements and milestones.

This is what a user had to say about Karma:

Our team loves KarmaBot. We launched in January of 2020, just a few months before the pandemic hit and we went fully remote. Karma played a significant role in keeping us connected. I love browsing the Karma channel to see what's going on, and it's always especially fun to see the inter-department praise.


Bannerbear helps auto-generated social media images, videos and banners. It also helps to make e-mails dynamic without the hassle of coding and integrations.


InfluenceKit helps track your influencer campaign data in real-time and create comprehensive data reports at the click of a button. InfluenceKit offers dynamic reports, so with a single link, the entire campaign’s analytics can be updated.


AnyTrack is a real-time data platform to connect your marketing and sales channels with your customers. AnyTrack allows for 100% data automation, in real-time. AnyTrack allows integrations with Meta, Google Analytics, and Shopify.

Here’s what a user had to say about AnyTrack:

This has helped my business tackle the issues that have arisen due to the iOS 14 update and we have been able to use Anytrack to recover lost data and events not attributed to FB ads. Amazing software!


PDFShift is a clever platform to convert HTML to PDF in a matter of seconds. They offer parallel conversions, privacy support and Raw HTML support. They have an up-to-date conversion API to convert nearly any webpage to a PDF.

Here’s what a user had to say about PDFShift:

Very good software, I use it to generate PDF calendars on mawaqit. the rendering is very clean.


Pluito is a platform to manage, collaborate, share, create and automate your workflow, all in one. With a single subscription, Pluito offers a wide variety of features that would need multiple subscriptions.


hypering is a platform to track webpage errors and uptime. They offer instant alerts through e-mail, SMS, or Slack when the website is down due to any reason. They also offer a comprehensive view of all reports at the click of a single button.

If you're out of ideas for your Micro SaaS firm, here are some fresh Micro SaaS ideas for 2022 to get your brain-cogs spinning.

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