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Best Customer Success Tools for B2B SaaS

Focusing on customer success early can help you reduce churn, drive product adoption and retention, along with increased upsell opportunities. Read on for the best tools for B2B SaaS businesses.

Varsha Gautham
Best B2B SaaS tools for seamless Customer Success

It has become evident now that businesses must go beyond just customer support- answering questions and solving emergent problems to customer success- working towards reducing the churn rate of your customers, creating better experiences for them, and delivering better value from your product.

To achieve this, not only do you need proactive customer success managers- they also need to be equipped with the sharpest tools in the box. Tools that give you the right numbers, at the right time with actionable insights and better results.

We have curated a list of tools, sub-sectioned by function, to help businesses make an informed choice about the best fit for their current goals. 

Customer Success Tools for Customer Onboarding

1. Userguiding

UserGuiding helps you onboard your users with product walkthroughs that don’t require any coding, allowing you to prompt the right in-app experience.
UserGuiding’s starts from $99/month with the Basic plan while the Professional plan is $399/month, and for even larger companies, a custom Enterprise plan is available.

2. IntroJS

Intro.js is a lightweight JavaScript library for creating step-by-step and powerful customer onboarding tours. It’s trusted by over 5000 customers including Amazon, Nestle, and SAP. Intro.js is free for non-commercial projects. Commercial licenses begin at $49.99 for lifetime use.

Customer Success Tools to Reduce Churn

1. Brightback

Brightback is an automated customer retention tool that helps subscription businesses increase customer lifetime value by offering personalized, dynamic offers at the “cancel subscription” button, thereby considerably reducing churn. Brightback’s pricing starts st $250/month, with customizable pricing on request for enterprises.

2. Churnzero

ChurnZero is a real-time Customer Success Platform that helps subscription businesses fight customer churn. Their software solutions allow businesses to understand how their customers use their product, assess their health and their likelihood to renew. Churn zero’s pricing is available on request.

Customer Success Tools for Customer Engagement

1. Intercom

Intercom is an all-in-one customer communications platform. It offers next-generation solutions for sales, marketing, and support teams to work together to convert prospects into paying customers, and engage customers throughout their journey. Intercom’s prices start at $74 per month and vary according to solutions and billing cycles

2. Boei

Boei is a customer support communications tool. It supports integrations with all major messengers, website chats and social channels. Boei also supports all languages, which makes communication easy and hassle-free. It has a great free plan, with paid versions starting at $12/ month.

Customer Success Tools for Collecting Customer Feedback

1. Canny

Canny helps small to large businesses analyze, analyse, prioritize and track user feedback to make informed product decisions. Feedback is captured and organized in one place so it’s easy to pull insights. It also offers seamless integration with tools in your existing workflow.
Canny’s has a great free version with paid plans starting from $400/month

2. Rapidr.io

Rapidr is a customer feedback management software that collects and organizes feedback in one place to help you make informed product development decisions. You can also share your feedback roadmap with customers to keep them engaged through the development journey. Rapidr’s basic plan starts from $19 and goes up to $99 for the growth plan.

Customer Success Tools for Customer Education

1. Skilljar

Skilljar’s customer education software gives you the tools to increase product adoption with a seamless onboarding process, engage customers, and increase retention. It also supports multiple content types and provides excellent insights to customer learning progress. Skilljar’s pricing is available on request on their website.

2. Stonly

Stonly helps you ​​educate your customers about your product, share knowledge with your team, describe workflows for your projects, onboard new employees, and more. Stonly has a free version, with paid plans going up to $99/ month. They also have customisable plans.

Customer Success Tools for Customer Journey Insights

1. Mixpanel

Mixpanel tracks your customer’s journey and gives you unmatched insights and data to help you analyze user behavior and conversion rates by segment. The data helps you give more value to your customers and increase retention. Mixpanel has a great free version and customizable paid plans on request. 

2. Heap

Heap collects data on your customers’ journeys and gives you actionable insights to the events and behaviors that most impact your user’s digital experience. Heap offers a great free plan– with premium plans starting at $3600/ year. Customizable plans are also available on request.

Choosing the Right Tool for Your Business

Among the many tools for various functions of customer success, the right one for you depends entirely on your requirements and the budget to fit it. Most of these tools offer great free plans so can date them for a while before you commit to a full relationship. 

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