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9 Customer Experience Micro SaaS Examples

9 Examples of Customer Experience Micro-Saas tools that will help your business skyrocket.

Varsha Gautham
9 Customer Experience Micro SaaS Examples

Small team, Bootstrapped, niche market, loyal consumer base, high profit margins. Sounds perfect? Welcome to Micro Saas. The first known example of a Micro Saas business is Storemapper. It was founded by Tyler Tryngas, who also coined the term “Micro Saas” and defined it. 

Essentially, a Micro Saas targets a niche market and uses minimal resources while solving a particular problem. Here is a list of Micro Saas examples in the Customer Experience space. 

Get Beamer

Engage customers, send push notifications with user segmentation, get powerful feedback and more with this easy to use tool. It boasts an in app notification center, widgets and changelogs. Beamer has a free version, as well as paid premium plans at $49, $99, and $249 per month.


Intro.js is a lightweight JavaScript library for creating step-by-step and powerful customer onboarding tours. It’s trusted by over 5000 customers including Amazon, Nestle, and SAP. Intro.js is free for non-commercial projects. Commercial licenses begin at $49.99 for lifetime use.


Stonly lets you Build interactive guides to lead customers and employees to activation, issue resolution, and success on their terms. It’s highly customisable to your user’s journey, and supports integrations to your data and other platforms. Stonly has a basic free version with premium plans starting at $49/ month.


Userpilot helps product teams deliver personalized in-app experiences to increase growth metrics. Userpilot also gives you actionable product analytics and insights. They offer a 14 day free trial to get you started, after which it is $249 for the growth plan and $749 for the enterprise plan per month.


Toonimo simplifies online experiences by providing users with personalized and interactive audio-visual guidance. It enhances a website’s usability, effectively increases site engagement, and encourages self-service. Toonimo also solves for simpler training and onboarding with their product. 


GitBook helps you publish beautiful docs for your users and centralize your teams' knowledge for advanced collaboration. The documents are ready to go, and require no design or development knowledge. Github is free to use for open source projects, with paid plans ranging from $6.40- $12 per user.


Archbee helps onboard & activate developers into your product. It’s a super documentation platform that allows you to work asynchronously and share knowledge without any churn. With Archbee, you can easily build knowledge bases, internal wikis, documentation sites, API references, developer guides, architecture diagrams and more.  Archbee’s pricing plans start at $30/ month and go up t0 $500/month


VWO provides many tools to enhance customer experience including session recordings and heatmaps for insights, A/B testing and customer engagement through messages, push notifications, and more. VWO offers a 7 day free trial, after which you will have to get in touch with their team for customized pricing plans.


Boei is a customer support communications tool. It supports integrations with all major messengers, website chats and social channels. Boei also supports all languages, which makes communication easier and hassle free. It has a great free plan, with paid versions started at $12/ month.

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