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8 SaaS Businesses that Nailed Social Media Marketing

Delve deep into this list of 8 best B2B SaaS companies who create killer social media marketing strategies to inspire you.

Priya Selvaraju
8 SaaS Companies Who Excel at Social Media Marketing

There are days when you sit in front of your laptop to think of new strategies for your social media but all efforts go in vain. Social media is a creative space where you have to constantly come up with new interesting ideas to stay on top of your game. As easy as it may sound, B2B social media is not candy in the sky. From aligning marketing efforts to proving ROI, there are a lot of challenges associated that put a pause on that creative thinking skills.

Here is where inspiration comes into play. Inspiration gives you a new perspective to think about. That is why we’ve come up with the list of B2B SaaS companies (that are nailing social media) from where you can take inspiration to create killer social media marketing strategies for your B2B business.


Have you heard of this quote by Anne Morrow: A good conversation is as stimulating as a black coffee and just as hard as to sleep after? This is exactly Hubspot what does on their social platforms. They use their social media to strike interesting conversations with their audience and engage them. Thus in return plays an important role in building loyalty and trust among the audience. As an audience what we find captivating is the simple language they use to connect to them.


Providing value to the audience is always important. Mailchimp does a great job of educating the audience with its valuable content. Mailchimp being a leading Marketing automation company, have customers across the globe. They use social media to help existing customers get the best out of their products.


Though Zoom was founded back in 2011, the pandemic and the WFH situation has made people move to the software more like never before. Zoom cleverly used its social media to educate the audience about the product and helped them to get comfortable with the product with its interesting content.


If you take a look into the bio of Semrush, the popular SEO tool, this is what it says: Follow us for the best marketing tips. They’d like to go a step beyond promoting their product and genuinely try to help the audience and excel in their marketing efforts. You can also notice the hint of humour when they share interesting memes and weird keyword searches. 


What’s so special about Adobe? Adobe’s social media is full of eye-catching graphics created by its wide network of creators using its product. They share user-generated content across all their social media channels. It’s a great strategy where you don’t have to break your head thinking of new post ideas every day and at the same time engage your customers and build loyalty. 


Just like Zoom, the WFH  demanded a platform that is easy to use and efficient to communicate with your teams. That is when a lot of teams moved to Slack. Slack handled this major shift easily by keeping customers updated about the new features on its social platforms. If you notice keenly, even their product promotion will not be too pushy and on your face but interesting indeed.


Salesforce, the leading CRM has these cute little mascots through which they convey messages to the audience. One of their strengths is the appealing designs that will make you want to read the things written down there. They maintain a mix of educative content, user-generated content from the community and not to forget, content that talks about the product in a subtle way.


Hootsuite with their content is establishing themselves as the thought leader in the industry. They majorly focus on two types of content on their channels: the one where they educate the problem unaware audience about the problem, how they are solving it. The other is where they help their existing customers get the best out of the product.

Every company mentioned here has its unique strategies. Though they serve as a great example in the B2B SaaS industry,  to stand out among the crowd, you need to have your own style and approach that resonates well with your audience. In the end, that is what matters the most.

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