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10 Best A/B Testing Tools For Your Business

Better than a coin flip, A/B testing is the process of random experimentation in which two or more versions of a variable are tested to reach a better decision. Here is a list of 10 best A/B testing tools for your business.

Prithvi Manjunatha
10 Best A/B Testing Tools You Need

A/B testing, also known as split testing, refers to the process of random experimentation in which two or more versions of a variable (web page, page element, etc.) are displayed in different segments for  website visitors. It helps business owners  decide which version will have the greatest impact and drive business statistics favourably.

Here are our picks for 10 of the best A/B testing softwares:

Google Analytics & Google Optimize (free)

With over 3 billions android devices using Google, it’s a name that cannot be overlooked. With it’s free options like A/B Testing, native Google Analytics integration, Geo Targeting and Web App Support, they give competitors a run for their money. Google Analytics is a simple tool that can be used to its fullest efficiency, but it might get technical.

Optimizely (starts from $50,000/year)

Optimizely mainly focuses on providing testing and customization services on the Internet. However, you can use the functions and services to test mobile applications and messaging platforms and improve the overall customer experience at all contact points. For the uninitiated, Optimizely web training product also allows you to run multiple tests on one page at the same time and get accurate results.

VWO (pricing available on request)

VWO offers a powerful reporting dashboard to measure the performance of your tests. VWO also offers a SmartStats feature that uses Bayesian statistics to help you run tests faster, have more control over your tests, and draw more accurate conclusions. VWO is used by eBay, Target, Virgin and a big list of high growth clients.

Adobe Target (pricing available on request)

Adobe Target is also an enterprise-grade tool that provides customization services and A/B testing services. It offers easy integration with Google Analytics and generates reports that you can use to test and optimize your UX and customize your marketing proposals. Adobe Target is an A/B testing platform better suited for customers using the full Adobe Marketing suite because it ensures seamless communication between products.  

OmniConvert (starts at $169 per month)

Omniconvert is a conversion rate optimization platform that offers an A/B testing tool, as well as scanning, customization, overlay and segmentation tools. Their A / B testing tool can be used on desktops, mobile devices and tablets. In addition, you can convert successful A / B trials into checks for future tests and use recurring or Bayesian statistics to validate your tests.

AB Tasty (pricing available on request)

Convert's product AB Tasty’s conversion rate optimization software allows your team to create and run A/B tests, split tests, multivariate tests, and funnel tests with its visual editor. You can also use advanced targeting to test based on various criteria like URL, geographic location, weather, and more. AB Tasty provides real-time reports to validate your exams and their confidence to validate your exams. So you can make quick and accurate decisions.

Leadformly (starts from $37/month)

Capture and transform up to 300% more leads using Leadformly’s transform-optimized lead capture forms. Save time with pre-tested templates and multiple steps to help segment your audience better. By sending clues through your own conditional logic path, you can better qualify clues before entering them into SharpSpring.

Google Optimize 360($150,000/year)

Google Optimize 360 is a tool for testing which site experience can deliver the most engagement and conversions. It can be integrated with Google Analytics to guide you through what areas of optimization your website needs. You can then translate useful insights into actions that lead to more desirable site interactions.

Unbounce(starts from $72/month)

With Unbounce, you can turn more visitors into leads, sales, and customers. The Drag and Drop Builder allows you to create and publish your own landing pages without the need for developers to code. Gain insight into conversion intelligence and improve the intuition and skills you already need to ensure the best campaign performance each time.



Evolv (previously Sentient Ascend) is one of the next generation test tools that uses machine learning algorithms to accelerate multivariate testing. Evolutionary or genetic algorithms are effective in ensuring impact tracking of your optimizations on all metrics that matter. Results are immediate as the artificial intelligence engine continues to learn and improve for every visitor.

In the End

Right from tools for generic impact tracking to ones that test specific elements like landing pages, site elements and UI, this list features a tool for all kinds of A/B testing for your business. Next time around, be sure of things you do with these tools at your disposal. They are certainly better than coin-flip decision making.
Every company has different customers, so there is no single formula for creating the best website, creating the most attractive version, or creating the most effective product. To know which website design, testing feature, or product feature is best for your business, you need to know what your individual customer prefers. This is a small list that we’ve curated, but be sure to do some comprehensive research as each A/B testing software has something that the others don’t. 

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